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I would like to be considered for any freelance photography opportunities you may have. I specialize in sports photography, photojournalism, aerial, documentary photography, editorial, commercial, and portraiture. I serve clients such as Getty Images, New York Times, The Associated Press, USA Today, and the Des Moines Register. 

I have been a photojournalist for over twenty years. I can’t imagine working in any other profession. Most of my career has been in South Mississippi for a 58,000 circulation paper called the Sun Herald.


In 2006, the Sun Herald won the Pulitzer Gold Medal of Public Service for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina. I was honored to be among the staff that served our coastal community on a daily basis through unbelievable circumstances on those hot August days after Katrina changed our way of life. Katrina reinforced what I already knew about photojournalism: that photos can tell a story in an instant.

This was evident in the aerial photos I took for the Sun Herald the day after Katrina. Those images will forever be in my mind, as the devastation was overwhelming. One photo in particular helped a family to know that a loved one was safe. I’m looking to publish a page about that photo in the near future.

If you’re curious about it, email me at


​​​​​© David K. Purdy 2012

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